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2009-09-26 02:30:17 by anglefate

Working on more original stuff. Together/Alone is progress better then I thought. I have a rough draft a chapter 2 done , and I'm pretty close to finishing drawings on all main characters. I also have another idea for this project, a side "guide" to explain certain details. I also have a basic idea for a logo for the series.
More info at :


2009-08-18 05:36:39 by anglefate

Its about time. I've posted the first part of my original story at
No direct link because the story has a warning on it.
The story also has a name "Together/Alone"

Back in the Game

2009-07-17 21:36:43 by anglefate

I finally decided what to do about my story. I know an actual comic is out if my league right now. So I'm just going to post pictures here as references, and then post the story some where else, just as writing. I'm going to post it on my deviantART account ( Its got more picures than this account. I've been having problems posting stories on that account, but once I work out the gitches I'll put up the the the begining.

Upade: Un orginal

2009-07-03 18:38:54 by anglefate

So after browsing some manga's in this reference book I have and reading graphic novels. I've seen my story idea is way less orginal than I thought. I still planing on at least posting charcter pics here. I may at least post the the story in writting, maybe.


2009-06-20 23:06:40 by anglefate

Hey. So this is my first day here (as a contributer). Now that this site takes art I finally have stuff a can contribute. Hopefully this is what it will take to get me actually working. I have the basic notes for a story/comic. But i really don't know what the charecters should look like, except one, sort of. It's posted here, but its really more of sketch than anything else. I plan on improving my art, most of which I don't see as good enough to put up. So this is my insentive. I plan on improving my characters and, eventually maybe some fan art too .